Jetts vs Snap vs Ifeelgood vs Anytime - which is the best 24/7 gym?

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Which Gym do you go to?

  1. Jett's

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  2. Snap Fitness

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  3. IFeelGood

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  4. Anytime Fitness

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    With 24/7 fitness on the rise, many gyms in Brisbane are competing against each other, but which one is the best value for money vs the equipment and facilities they offer? Many of them will offer a rolling month to month contract, but in order to cancel, they all require a letter of cancellation, which is very clever, because when someone decides to cancel, it almost makes you feel like you've given up with the healthy lifestyle, unless you're just moving gym's of course :)

    Here's a list of the major gyms out there in Brisbane, but which one is actually the best?

    How many Jett's gym's are there in Brisbane? 20 starting at $14.95 per week

    How many Snap Fitness gym's are there in Brisbane? 18 gym's starting at $20 per week

    How many I feel good 247 gym's are there in Brisbane? 9 gym's with membership starting from $12.95 per week

    How many anytime gym's are there in Brisbane? 24 locations, 18 month contracts starting at $69.12 per month

    Personally, i'm a big fan of Jett's fitness, because they seem to be located in the right places, but I've noticed their Annerley gym is mega busy around the clock, and its only a tiny place, where as the Jett's gym at Indooroopilly is pretty quiet, which is far more to my liking.

    Whats your experience in the 24 hour gyms across Brisbane? have you been to them all? do you have a favorite?

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