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    Apart from these, you can also work as an actuary, vet assistant, dental technician, cleaner, courier delivery person, pizza delivery person, and also by conducting online research, marketing, and surveys. However, jobs meant for introverts, like working as a mortician or forensic scientist are not recommended for people with SAD. This is because, a mortician will have to speak with the bereaved family, while a forensic scientist will have to interact with other forensic scientists, authorities, and attorneys, regarding evidence. Black Diamond Force Now that you are aware about the best jobs for people with social anxiety disorder, help out an SAD-affected person by suggesting any of these to him. According to ADAA, about 36 percent people with social anxiety disorder experience the symptoms for 10 or more years, before seeking help. Hence, it is essential that an affected individual gets timely help to avoid the condition from aggravating. It is advisable that family members take special efforts to understand and support the individual, so as to find a suitable vocation for making him financially independent. Facts about Pediophobia (Fear of Dolls) People suffering from pediophobia are terrified after seeing a doll. Just the sight of a doll can make them scream incessantly. The following Buzzle article elaborates on pediophobia, the fear of dolls. TAGGED UNDER: Phobias Advertisement Did You Know? The word 'pediophobia' comes from the Greek word paidion meaning 'little child'. When we were kids, our parents often used dolls to amuse us. Dolls have long been a source of entertainment for children. Often, kids talk to their dolls, give them names, groom them, play with them, and even share secrets with these imaginary friends. However, some are actually scared of dolls, so much that they run away at the sight of these harmless toys.

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