Anyone see people Playing Pokemon whilst Driving?

Discussion in 'Brisbane Local News & Issues' started by Lukescotty, Aug 9, 2016.

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    Apr 22, 2016
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    Although the height of the new Pokemon app, has now turned to a decline. I do still see people playing Pokemon whilst they're driving... It was bad enough without this new game, people constantly looking down with their head straight forward trying to conceal what their doing, but its blatantly obvious.

    Its highly annoying as it prolongs traffic, even with the slightest delay.. not to mention the accidents it causes.

    Most vehicles have Bluetooth which they can connect to, to use for phone calls. I use this method all day whilst I'm driving/working... it doesn't really effect my driving, but I don't think I'm as aware as I would be if I wasn't talking to someone.

    I think the main culprit is that everyone prefers to send a text message rather than a phone call and until there's such a device which can really do voice activated text messaging... I don't think it'll stop any time soon.

    Has anyone had any bad experiences due to other people being on their mobile phones?
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    Nop... If i will see one, I will report them to 000 immediately.

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